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Nature Classes

We offer a variety of classes for all ages where you will learn and have fun too!


Nature Craft class: We will make cool and fun crafts!  We'll make things like bracelets, place mats, flower printed paper, bookmarks, learn about plants, insects, and animals and how they relate to your life.

Hiking class: In this class we will hike and talk about nature's plants and animals. We will have different themed days using flowers, birds, leaves and edible plants.  Bring your binoculars and sunscreen!


Old McDonald class: In this class we will do things that you would commonly do on a farm such as planting, working with animals, using tools.   You will learn about predator/prey relationship and further develop your understanding of animals and people working together.

Inside The Chicken Coop: Here you will learn all there is to know about raising chickens from eggs to laying hens.     

Please fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you with more information right away!

All participants in our Nature Classes must fill out a Emergency Contact and Release Form.